Social Cognition

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A comprehensive overview of the field of social cognition, this collection features articles that have shown a significant impact on the field of social cognition.


Processing Information from the Social World. Cognitive Representation of Social Information. Activation and Use of Cognitive Representations. Nonconscious and Automatic Processing. Dispositional Inference and Attribution. Impression Formation and Judgment. Stereotypes. Motivational Effects on Information Processing. Reconstructing the Past, Anticipating the Future.


'In Social Cognition: Key Readings in Social Psychology, David L. hamilton has done a masterful job in bringing together classic and soon-to-be classic original journal articles and selections from books dealing with cognition. ... The writing style will be exceptionally engaging to advanced undergraduates, without sacrificing the integrity of communicating complex ideas. ... This book belongs on the shelf of every teacher of social psychology and provides an important resource for any course dealing with social cognition. The quality of the introductory section and section narratives are worth the price of the book' - David D. Simpson in PsyCRITIQUES June 7 2006
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