How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

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In this book, Dr. Henry Cloud gets to the heart of the issues dating raises for many readers and gets them on the road to fun and fulfillment in the single life.


Contents Acknowledgments 9 A Heart to Heart from Your Coach 10
Part 1--What's the Problem?
1. Why Hasn't God Brought Me the Love of My Life? 15
2. Gut Check 20
3. Where I Am Coming From 23
4. Dating Is Not about Marriage 31
Part 2--The Program
5. Keep a Log 41
6. If You Say, "There Are No Good Prospects," 47 You Don't Get It
7. Meet Five a Week 54
8. Change Your Traffic Pattern 61
9. Get Over the Stigma: Join a Service 69
10. Stick With It, and Get Your Numbers Up 76
11. Get Your Team Together 82
12. Tie Me to a Tree 88
13. Don't Limit Yourself to a Type 91
14. Check Your Expectations at the Door 98
15. Forget Love at First Sight 102
16. Go Out with Almost Anyone Once, and Maybe Again 106
17. Date a Non-Christian? 109
18. Drop Your Hankie (or Palm Pilot) 118
19. Follow a Strategy from 122 Beginning to Middle to End
20. Be Yourself from the Beginning 131
21. Don't Play Games 137
22. Where Is the Testosterone? 145
23. Keep Your Boundaries and Don't Settle 153
Part 3--Get Your Dating Self in Shape
24. Monitor Your Internal World 161 and Face Your Issues
25. Get Healthy 169
26. Don't Be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 179
27. Look in the Mirror 187
28. Unleash Your Libido or Reel It In 194
29. Do You Have to Get Married? 204 --Dating Is Not for the Lonely
30. Turn Off the Autopilot and Drive 209
Part 4--Stay Focused on What's Important
31. Will This Friendship Ever Heat Up? 217
32. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, but Character 221 Goes All the Way to the Bone
33. Seven Extra Hints 227 A Final Heart to Heart from Your Coach 233


Dr. Henry Cloud is a popular speaker, and cohost, with Dr. John Townsend, of the nationally broadcast New Life Live! Radio program, and cofounder of Cloud-Townsend Clinic and Cloud-Townsend Resources. His bestselling books include the Gold Medallion Award-winning Boundaries books and Making Small Groups Work. Dr. Cloud and his wife and two daughters live in Southern California. Dr. Henry Cloud es un hablante popular, y co-presentador, con Dr. John Townsend, de la emisora nacional. Nueva vida Vive! Programa de radio, y co- fundador de Cloud- Townsend Clinic y Cloud- Townsend Recursos. Su libros mejor bendidos incluyen el premio medallon de oro son, Limites y haciendo pequenos grupos que trabajen. Dr. Clud y su esposa viven en el Sur de California.
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