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April 2005



A treasure of images and information for all horse-lovers, this beautifully crafted book is a fitting tribute to humankind's unique companion, the horse. Over thousands of years, the horse has won humanity's gratitude and admiration. Horses celebrates these noble creatures, presenting them in their many environments and, above all, at the most interesting moments in their working and natural lives. Engaging narratives written by recognized authorities on various aspects of equine life are combined with hundreds of photographs to create a complete portrait of horses in all their beauty. Thoroughbreds and draft horses, horse shows and racing, life on the ranch and in the field, the birth and rearing of foals, famous riding schools, and equestrian traditions are among the themes of this unique book. Written in a direct, lively style, the text is especially appropriate for young readers eager to learn more about these captivating creatures. Offering an abundance of engaging illustrations in a handsome format, this book is the perfect gift for horse-lovers of all ages.


Valeria Manferto was born in Vercelli and studied Philosophy at the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Always a travel and nature enthusiast, she has produced many photojournalism pieces and has written the texts to numerous photographic volumes. In 1984 she and Marcello Bertinetti founded White Star Publishers, of which she is now the editorial director.
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