Power and Protest: Global Revolution and the Rise of Detente

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April 2005



every society left a lasting legacy of global unrest, fragmentation, and unprecedented public skepticism toward authority.


Introduction 1. The Strains of Nuclear Destruction 2. Political Constraints and Personal Charisma 3. The Language of Dissent 4. The Illiberal Consequences of Liberal Empire 5. The Global Disruption of 1968 6. The Diplomacy and Domestic Politics of Detente Conclusion Appendix: Tables and Figures Notes Sources Index


Jeremi Suri is E. Gordon Fox Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


In clear and concise prose, Suri tells the tale of the stalemate in the Cold War, the rise of global protest in the 1960s, and the coming of detente as a conservative reaction to these events...The watershed year is 1968, when Berkeley, West Berlin, Washington, Paris, Prague, and Wuhan, China were all convulsed by protests that added up to 'global disruption.' The reaction was, Suri argues, detente. Rejecting the traditional balance of power, he uses instead the 'balance of order' to describe the emerging common interest. Thereafter, Nixon, Brezhnev, Mao, and Willy Brandt worked in concert to stabilize their societies, avoid direct challenges, increase secrecy, secure arms control, and repair their personal images through treaties and summits...[I]n the final analysis, this is an indispensable new work. -- C. W. Haury Choice 20040101 This is a remarkable book which should command a good deal of attention. Not only does Jeremi Suri come up with a striking interpretation of detente but he has thought-provoking things to say about how to do international history. Above all, perhaps, Suri has produced a deeply researched monograph based on a large range of primary sources in several languages which also tackles large issues. There seems little doubt that Suri's book will stir the pot of cold war studies...This book is a major achievement and is eminently worth arguing with. -- Richard Crockatt Cold War History 20050201 Unlike many first books, Power and Protest is no narrow specialist monograph. On the contrary, Suri draws together domestic and international developments in a meaningful, even ambitious, manner to offer a history of the 1960s on a grand scale. -- Peter Beck History
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