Creative Therapies with Traumatized Children

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Januar 2003



As a probation officer and social worker, Anne Bannister has successfully used creative therapies with abused children for 25 years. Combining her practical experience and recent doctoral research she reflects on how and why these therapies actually work in the healing process.


1. Introduction: How the Regenerative Model Evolved. 2. Repairing the Damage. 3. Creative Therapies and Their Uses. 4. Why are Children so Vulnerable? 5. Individual Work with Sexually Abused Children. 6. Groupwork with Sexually Abused Children. 7. Further Applications of Creative Therapies with Traumatised Children. 8. Summary of the Regenerative Model. References. Index.


Anne Bannister has worked as a probation officer and as a social worker/therapist for the NSPCC. She pioneered the formation of the Child Sexual Abuse Consultancy for the NSPCC and managed it until her retirement. She has published extensively on child protection issues and on psychodrama, dramatherapy and playtherapy.


'...This book will be helpful to a variety of professionals who are trying to work with children who have experienced abuse in their lives. The NSPCC plays a leading role in trying to understand and deal with the effects of abuse on children's lives and development and this book reflects the careful and thoughtful approach that is needed in such work. Ann Bannister's work has been one of the foundations in the development of the approach taken by the NSPCC.' -YoungMinds Magazine 'This book presents an approach which reflects the authors deep respect and understanding of the children she has worked with. It provides strong theoretical evidence for working creatively with traumatized children and presents relevant case material which illustrates how Bannister has successfully applied this theory to practice...It is an essential resource for all creative therapists working with children who have suffered abuse, providing a model of intervention which seeks to "return the power of regeneration to the young person." ' - Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists Journal 'a lovely combination of theory and practice written in an easy to digest style...It was rewarding to read how the arts could be used so effectively to help children in what was very short term work. During the case studies there were some inspiring pieces of work presented as both therapist and children strove to make sense of the unthinkable and unsayable using the arts.' - Family Futures Consortium 'Anne Bannister is one of Psychodrama's great practitioners in the field of working with children and young people. This book is testimony to her endless and untiring work alongside children. She is someone who is playful, creative, energetic, and a strong advocate and witness, for those children whose voices may have been silenced through abusive experiences...This book is a must for all who work with traumatised people and it provides a well grounded and safe model that allows for people to grow and develop.' -BPA Journal
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