Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed

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Juni 2005



Often hailed as one of the most thorough, well-written books on the subject, this updated edition is all one needs ito learn the Mac OS X Tiger operating system and the underlying BSD UNIX system. Through hands-on lessons and comprehensive background coverage, "Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed" teaches how to get the most out of an operating system by focusing on the subsystem.


Introduction. I. USING MAC OS X. 1. Managing the Tiger Workspace. 2. Useful Tiger Applications and Utilities. 3. Internet Applications. 4. Controlling Applications with Automator and AppleScript. II. HARDWARE SETUP AND CONFIGURATION. 5. Configuring Tiger Hardware Support and Preferences. 6. Printer, Fax, and Font Management. III. ADVANCED USER AND NETWORK SETTINGS. 7. Configuring Network Connectivity. 8. Customizing User and System Settings. IV. INTRODUCTION TO BSD ON TIGER. 9. Accessing the BSD Subsystem. 10. Common Unix Shell Commands: File, Directory, and Disk Operations. 11. Using File Permissions and Access Control Lists. 12. Process Management. 13. Using Common Command-Line Applications and Application Suites. 14. Command-Line Software Installation and Troubleshooting. V. ADVANCED BSD CONCEPTS. 15. Shell Configuration and Programming (Shell Scripting). 16. Managing System Services and Configuration. 17. Using X Window System Applications. 18. Using the Perl and Python Scripting Languages. VI. SERVER AND NETWORK ADMINISTRATION. 19. Serving and Connecting to Databases. 20. Configuring Advanced Multiuser/Multisystem Cooperation Features. 21. Accessing and Controlling Tiger Remotely. 22. Creating an FTP Server. 23. Creating a Web Server. 24. Developing Web Applications. 25. Darwin Streaming Server and QuickTime Broadcaster. 26. Creating a Mail Server. 27. Working with Windows-Based Systems. VII. SYSTEM AND SERVER HEALTH. 28. Implementing Server Security and Advanced Network Configuration. 29. Maintaining a Healthy System. Index.


John Ray is the Director of Engineering/IT Services at Blue Cosmos Design, Inc. An award-winning developer, he provides customized TCP/IP programming solutions to clients nationwide. He has authored or co-authored several books, including Special Edition Using TCP/IP, and Mac OS X Maximum Security. William C. Ray is a Unix system administrator, programmer, and trainer. He was responsible for developing a computer-graphics center for The Ohio State University's College of Biological Sciences, where he performed such roles as the center's system administrator, Webmaster, and acting director.

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