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Juni 2005



An absorbing history of chocolate and its processes alongside over 150 chocolate gorgeous recipes. Immensely readable and entertaining, it is written by the leading exponent of hand-made chocolate truffles in the county.


Sara Jayne-Stanes, hailed by many leading food writers as one of Britain's finest chocolate makers, has made the study of this compelling and romantic subject her life's passion. In this immensely readable, entertaining and authoritative book she covers every aspect of chocolate: Over 150 recipes from confectionery to cakes, pastries to puddings. Over 240 pages with beautiful photography throughout. An authoritative and absorbing history of chocolate and its processes from pod to palate. Sara Jayne-Stanes is the country's leading exponent of hand-made chocolate truffles.


"Sara's chocolate truffles are one of the marvels of the edible world. Her book is just as good and lasts rather longer." Matthew Fort, Food and Drink Editor, The Guardian; "This is truly a magnum opus. The history is highly readable and particularly absorbing. The Chocolate Clinic is a brilliant idea and then the recipes! Their breadth and range must be unique in scope. Since I have never tasted better chocolate truffles than Sara's the inclusion of her own recipe alone must be worth the price of the book to any chocolate lover." Frances Bissell, The Times"
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