Liberal Parties in Western Europe

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This book is a comparative study of liberal parties in Western Europe, examining the role and development of liberal parties within individual countries; their internal party structure and organization; electoral audience; coalitions and government participation; party programs and strategies; and international and cross-national links.


List of tables; List of diagrams; List of maps; Notes on the contributors; Preface; 1. Introduction Emil J. Kirchner; 2. Between left and right: the ambivalence of European liberalism Gordon Smith; 3. Two roads of Italian liberalism: the Partito Repubblicano Italiano (PRI) and the Partito Liberale Italiano (PLI) Geoffrey Pridham; 4. The FDP in the Federal Republic of Germany: the requirements of survival and success Emil J. Kirchner and David Broughton; 5. Great Britain - social liberalism reborn? John Curtice; 6. Liberalism in France John Frears; 7. Liberal parties in the Netherlands Hans Daalder and Ruud Koole; 8. The Belgian liberal parties: economic radicals and social conservatives Christopher Rudd; 9. The Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs: protest party or governing party? K. R. Luther; 10. The Swedish Liberal Party: the politics of unholy alliances Ulf Lindstrom and Ingemar Worlund; 11. Liberalism in Denmark: agrarian, radical and still influential Alastair H. Thomas; 12. The Norwegian Liberal Party: from political pioneer to political footnote Forn Y. Leiphart and Lars Svasand; 13. Liberal parties in Finland: from perennial coalition actors to an extra-parliamentary role David Arter; 14. Liberal parties in Switzerland D. L. Seiler; 15. The Luxemburg Liberal Party Derek Hearl; 16. Identifying liberal parties Peter Humphreys and Michael Steed; 17. Ambivalence revisited: an analysis of liberal party manifestos since 1945 Derek Hearl; 18. Transnational links: the ELD and Liberal Party Group in the European Parliament Rudolf Hrbek; 19. Western European liberal parties: developments since 1945 and prospects for the future Emil J. Kirchner; Index of political parties; General index.
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