Islam and Liberty: The Historical Misunderstanding

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Mai 2005



Mohammed Charfi tackles the central question facing all Arab-Muslim nations: is Islam compatible with contemporary notions of democracy, legality and the State? A century ago, thinkers like Abdoh and Tahar Haddad called for an approach to religion compatible with modern realities, yet the twenty-first century is witnessing a sad regression in the independence of the law from holy writ. Charfi advocates a profound revision of Islamic thought. He stresses the importance of education, which from the 1970's onwards has been left in the hands of propagandists whose identity and source of authority is bound up with a particular interpretation of Islam.


INTRODUCTION: Hesitant modernity; Modernity not accepted; Making peace with modernity. .
1. ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIS: Violence and Obscurantism; Conservatives and Reformers; Militant Conservatism; The Programme of the Fundamentalists; Muslims and Islamists.
2. ISLAM AND LAW: Discrimination against Women; The Sharia against Freedom of Conscience; Non-Muslims; Apostasy a crime?; The political use of apostasy; Corporal Punishment; The Hodud; The Sharia and Human Rights; How Islam Came To Be Identified with a Legal System; The sunna; The Koran; The role of the ulema; A human creation; The crushing of the Mutazilites; The end of ijtihad; Talfik; Hermeneutics; The Eternal and the Specific; Freeing the Law.
3. ISLAM AND THE STATE: The Koran and the Caliphate; Sunna and Caliphate; The Koranic definition of the Prophet's mission; Achievement of the Prophet's mission; The Caliphate; Judaism, Christianity and Islam; The Handling of Religious Affairs.
4. EDUCATION AND MODERNITY: The Evolution of Education in Tunisia; The first reforms; Independence; The deviation; Islamism and Education in the Arab Countries; Towards a Reform of Education; Identity; Religion; Self-knowledge and knowledge of others; The scientific approach; Quantity and quality. CONCLUSION: Notes; Index


Mohamed Charfi is professor emeritus in law at the University of Tunis and a representative of the Tunisian democractic, secular opposition. He has published extensively in French and Arabic. He was a student activist in the 1960s, went on to become president of the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights, and served as Tunisia's minister of education from 1989-1994. The book is translated by Patrick Camiller.
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