Canar: A Year in the Highlands of Ecuador

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April 2005



Very much a personal account of a community undergoing change, Cañ ar documents such activities as plantings and harvests, religious processions, a traditional wedding, healing ceremonies, a death and funeral, and a home birth with a native midwife. Along the way, Blankenship describes how she and Michael went from being outsiders only warily accepted in the community to becoming neighbors and even godparents to some of the local children. She also explains how outside forces, from Ecuador's failing economy to globalization, are disrupting the traditional lifeways of the Cañ ari as economic migration virtually empties highland communities of young people. Blankenship's words and photographs create a moving, intimate portrait of a people trying to balance the demands of the twenty-first century with the traditions that have formed their identity for centuries.


Introduction; Old Friends; Killa Raymi: Festival of the Moon; A House in Canar; The Day of the Dead; La Limpieza; A Dinner to Honor the Dead, and Us; The Meeting; Greeting the New Year; Life in Canar at Three Months; Dia de San Antonio; This Camera Pleases Me; The New Economy; A Death in Canar; Carnaval; Betrothal, Canari Style; Life in Canar at Six Months; A Wedding; Mama Michi Goes to Canada; The Way Things Work; A Birth in Canar; We Walk the Inca Trail; Saying Good-bye;
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