Action Plan for Menopause: Your Guide to a Healthy, Vibrant Transition

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April 2005



Reduce menopausal symptoms, promote bone health, and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease with "Action Plan for Menopause." Based on the latest research, this exercise-based plan will help you live more comfortably and take control of your diet, fitness level, and health.Learn the best and safest exercises for perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause and how diet, medication, and exercise interact to affect symptoms. Use one of the sample programs provided or tailor a program to your own needs with workouts to gain strength, flexibility, and stamina.Developed in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine, "Action Plan for Menopause" is the healthy way to manage menopause. Take action now to feel and function better, and add quality years to your life.


Barbara Bushman is an ACSM certified Programme Director and ACSM certified Exercise Specialist with professional knowledge of exercise prescription and special populations. Her expertise is in exercise physiology and how Menopause affects the body. Janice Clark Young has over 20 years of experience in health education teaching and research. She works with clients to use exercise as a tool to improve comfort and quality of life.


""Action Plan for Menopause "is an essential tool for understanding, preparing and living with menopause. It is a unique book based on the latest research, and it simplifies the data to provide you with an action plan for every day living. This book will provide you with answers and can make a difference in your life."
Dot Richardson M.D.
Olympic softball gold medalist
"For most of us, menopause is a mystery. This book unlocks secrets that can help us understand how to cope with a phase of our lives that should be full of joy and renewed energy."
Donna De Varona
Olympic swimming gold medalist, national sports broadcaster
"Experiencing hot flashes? Not looking forward to menopause? No sweat." Action Plan for Menopause "is the answer! Barbara Bushman and Janice Young have written an action plan for you to get control of your life through exercise."
Charlotte Sanborn, Ph.D. FACSM
Texas Woman's University
"Menopause is an excellent opportunity for women to change their lives and adopt a more healthy lifestyle." Action Plan for Menopause "provides a solid understanding of the physiology of menopause and offers ways to create personalized exercise programs, maintain momentum, and stay motivated."
Priscilla M. Clarkson, PhD
University of Massachusetts
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