Mastering Anger and Aggression

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How should parents react when their toddler bites his playmate or their kindergartner confronts a bully? Drs. Brazelton and Sparrow bring their much-admired insight and support to this crucial, and ever-more-timely, childrearing challenge.


Dr T Berry Brazelton, founder of the Child Development Unit at Children's Hospital, Boston, is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus at Harvad Medical School, and Professor of Pediatrics and Human Development at Brown University. A famed advocate for children, his many internationally acclaimed books for parents include Touchpoints, To Listen to a Child, Infants and Mothers, and, with Stanley I Greenspan, The Irreducible Needs of Children. Dr Joshua D Sparrow, child psychiatrist and supervisor of inpatient psychiatry at Children's Hospital, Boston, is Assistant Director of Training at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center. He it the coauthor, with Dr Brazelton, or Touchpoints Three to Six.


"Nashville City Paper", "Ask Amy" syndicated advice column, 4/4/10
."..one of my favorite baby and child experts"
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