Dragonflies and Damselflies of Texas and the South-Central United States: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

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This is the first guide to dragonflies and damselflies of the south-central United States. The book covers 263 species, representing more than half of the North American fauna. The area of coverage significantly overlaps with other regions of the country making this book a useful aid in identifying the dragonflies and damselflies in any part of the United States, Canada, or northeastern Mexico. More photographs of damselflies in North America appear here than in any other previously published work. All 85 damselfly and 178 dragonfly species found in the region are distinguished by photographs, numerous line drawings, keys, and detailed descriptions to help with identifications. Features include: Discussions of habitats, zoogeography, and seasonality Details on dragonfly and damselfly life history and conservation An introduction on studying and photographing dragonflies and damselflies An entire section devoted to the external anatomy of dragonflies and damselflies Species accounts organized by family into sections on size, regional and general distribution, flight season, identification, similar species, habitat and biology and ecology Range maps for each species, as well as an extensive bibliography and a list of resources for further study


Preface vii Introduction 1 Habitats and Zoogeography of the South-Central United States 1 Life History of Odonata 4 Seasonality of Odonata in the South-Central United States 6 Conservation 7 Studying Odonata 8 Photographing Odonata 9 External Anatomy of Adult Odonata 10 A Guide to the Species Accounts 15 DAMSELFLIES (Suborder Zygoptera) 19 Broad-winged Damsels (Family Calopterygidae)21 Spreadwings (Family Lestidae) 29 Threadtails (Family Protoneuridae) 46 Pond Damsels (Family Coenagrionidae) 52 DRAGONFLIES (Suborder Anisoptera) 149 Petaltails (Family Petaluridae) 151 Darners (Family Aeshnidae) 153 Clubtails (Family Gomphidae) 176 Spiketails (Family Cordulegastridae) 215 Cruisers and Emeralds (Family Corduliidae) 218 Skimmers (Family Libellulidae) 240 Additional Species 309 Checklist of South-Central United States Odonata 311 Glossary 315 Bibliography 319 Field Guides and Other Reference Works 319 Odonata Societies 319 Sources Cited in Text 319 Photo Credits 335 Index 337


John C. Abbott is Lecturer in the Section of Integrative Biology, Curator of the Brackenridge Field Laboratory Insect Collection, and Research Associate of the Texas Memorial Museum at the University of Texas, Austin.


"Recent interest in the amazing order of insects that includes dragonflies and damselflies has sparked numerous publications. This book, by odontologist John C. Abbott is certainly one of the best."--Choice "Each section is full of information ... with expertly drawn illustrations. The photos ... are astonishing... Dragonflies and Damselflies of Texas and the South-Central United States is a fine book that easily dispels the unfortunate myths that have arisen over this misunderstood group since 15th century Europe."--Biology Diges
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