It's Not Fun (Hc)

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"It's Not Fun" is the candid, revealing and at times entertaining look at life on the pro-golf circuits below the PGA Tour level. Veteran sportswriter Andrew Cotton offers a firsthand look at what PGA Tour wannabes experience. They travel from tournament to tournament on various minitours with little money in their pockets, but with aspirations of playing well enough week to week to cover their expenses and perhaps earn a shot at the big time. It's a vagabond existence filled with dreams and disappointments, where one or two shots in a four-day tournament can mean the difference in making enough money to make it to the event or having to return home broke. Cotton spent time on the road with some of these PGA Tour aspirants. What he saw, heard and actually experienced offers an unprecedented look at what life is really like for those golfers just one big break removed from being able to compete against the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.
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