The Sino-Japanese War of 1894 1895: Perceptions, Power, and Primacy

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This book examines the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 5, a seminal event in world history.


Part I. The Clash of Two Orders: The Far East on the Eve of War: 1. The reversal of the Far Eastern balance of power; 2. The decline of the old order in China and Korea; 3. The rise of a new order in Russia and Japan; Part II. The War: The Dividing Line between Two Eras: 4. The beginning of the end: the outbreak of hostilities; 5. Japan triumphant: the battles of P'yongyang and the Yalu; 6. China in disgrace: the battles of Port Arthur and the Weihaiwei; Part III. The Settlement: The Modern Era in Far Eastern Diplomacy: 7. The treaty of Shimonoseki and the Triple Intervention; 8. The era of global politics; 9. The cultural dimensions of the Sino-Japanese War; Epilogue: perceptions, power, and war; Bibliographic essay.


S. C. M. Paine is Associate Professor of Strategy and Policy at the US Naval War College and author of Imperial Rivals: China, Russia, and Their Disputed Frontier, winner of the 1997 Jelavich Prize for diplomatic history.


'The methodological approach ... allows for a fresh, authentic, and generally correct rendering of historical events ... all in all, Paine has written a readable and, seen in light of its long-term perspective, a remarkably instructive book.' Monumenta Nipponica
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