Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting: How to Cold Call, Get Qualified Leads, and Make More Money

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"If you hate prospecting, think how much those prospects dread your cold calls! You need techniques that energize and motivate both you and your potential customers. Welcome to Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting.

Filled with logical, easy-to-use tools, step-by-step skill-building exercises, real-life stories, and amusing anecdotes (along with John Bush’s clever illustrations), this practical and entertaining book helps you improve your communications skills, identify prospects (real ones), and maximize the productivity of your prospecting time. You’ll also get the most valuable collection of how-to cold-calling tips you’ve ever seen, and follow-up techniques guaranteed to win more sales!"


"Preface v

Acknowledgments vii
Introduction: The Art of Prospecting ix
Part One: The Fundamentals of Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting 1
1. Gee, Ma, Do I Have To? 3
2. Make Money Easier 7
3. It’s All About Them 11
4. Turn Strangers into Customers 15
5. The Ol’ Numbers Game 21
6. A Winning Formula 27
7. Time Management I: The ProActive Sales Matrix 33
8. Time Management II: The PowerHour 41
9. Speak the Customer’s Language 45
10. Sell to Their Values, Not Yours 53
11. Don’t Sell Stuff, Sell Solutions 59
12. You Sell Change 65
13. Execution: The True Art of the Sale 69
Part Two: The How-To’s of Cold Calling 73
14. Your Thirty-Second Speech 75
15. Thirty-Second Variations: The Opening 83
16. Thirty-Second Variations: WIIFM? 87
17. Summary and Flip 91
18. Leaving a Message 95
19. The Buying Process 99
20. Who’s Driving? 103
21. Transfer of Ownership 109
22. It’s About Time 115
23. Summarize, Bridge, Pull 121
24. Handling NO!: Which No Is That? 129
Part Three: Following Up 135
25. Call #2: Second Thirty-Second Speech 137
26. TripTik® 143
27. Two Paths: Value vs. Solution 149
28. Putting the CART Before the Horse 153
29. It’s All About You 157

Index 159"


William "Skip" Miller is President of M3 Learning, a sales training firm established in 1996. He is the author of ProActive Selling and ProActive Sales Management. Mr. Miller lives in Los Gatos, California. Ron Zemke was a coauthor of Knock Your Socks Off Selling, as well as the coauthor of all the books in the Knock Your Socks Off Service series and of the customer service classic Service America!
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