Finding the Still Point

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April 2002



Tom Harpur shows how ancient wisdoms, together with exciting new scientific findings, are combining to show why mere coping techniques are not enough for meeting the stress crisis. Divorced from their spiritual underpinnings and/or religious understanding, such techniques lack the potency which they originally had. Central to a spiritual response to stress is the practice of spiritual meditation in its various forms. While many within traditional Christianity still view meditation with suspicion, Harpur shows it to be one of the lost jewels of a historic treasury of Christian gifts designed for healing. More than that, it is a revitalizing gift, which the church can reclaim for its own sake, and offer the outside church who are seeking identity, meaning and purpose.


Introduction; The Contemporary Scene; The Spiritual Response; Sources and Mantras; The God Within; Index.


Tom Harpur, columnist for The Toronto Star, Rhodes scholar and Anglican priest, is a prominent writer on religious and ethical issues. He is the author of seven best-selling books. He has hosted numerous radio and television programs, including Life After Death, a ten-part series based on his best-selling book of the same name, and a six-part television series based on his best-seller 'The Uncommon Touch: An Investigation of Spiritual Healing'.

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