Has Science Displaced the Soul?: Debating Love and Happiness

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April 2005



Can science explain powerful human emotions such as love and happiness? Or, are these emotions something more than the action of biochemicals and electrical impulses? Science is constantly uncovering the mysteries of our nature, but we are uneasy about submitting our most intimate feelings to its scrutiny. Unflinching in facing these issues, Kevin Sharpe provides a clear and current summary of the discoveries of science and what our spiritual lives still have to offer in the ongoing effort to understand our deepest urges. In the 21st century, is it necessary to discard our traditional beliefs of a loving God in favor of dopamine? With doctorates in both mathematics and theology, Sharpe explores these notions and asks the question, Has Science Displaced the Soul?


Chapter 1 Happiness and Spiritual Traditions Chapter 2 Happiness and Contemporary Science Chapter 3 Interlude 1: An Unhappy Conflagration Chapter 4 Love and Spiritual Traditions Chapter 5 Love and Contemporary Science Chapter 6 Interlude 2: An Unloving Conflagration Chapter 7 Evolutionary Psychology: A Science Background Chapter 8 Evolutionary Psychology: A Spiritual Background Chapter 9 Interlude 3: Philip Hefner's Conflagration Band-Aid Chapter 10 Interlude 4: Ted Peter's Conflagration Band-Aid Chapter 11 Divine Projections Chapter 12 Scientific Hypotheses Chapter 13 Interlude 5: Happiness, Love, and the Divine


Kevin Sharpe is a professor in the Graduate College of Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a member of the Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, and co-directs the Oxford Institute for Science and Spirit. Originally from New Zealand, he now splits his time between Harrington Park, New Jersey, and Oxford, England.


Amid all the triumphal talk in science these days, increasing numbers of individuals have come to believe we are merely the sum total of our genes and DNA. This book is a bold attempt to reconcile clashes such as this that have erupted between science and spiritual thought. Sharpe contends we need contributions from both science and spirituality to understand our place in the cosmos. Highly provocative, there is something herein to challenge everyone.--Larry Dossey, MD, Author of "Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words"
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