Stonehenge & Timber Circles

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Mai 2005



Praised by "The Archaeologist" as "a very readable and stimulating review," the author's ground-breaking study of 1998 is brought up-to-date in the light of the latest archaeological evidence. The author shows how Stonehenge can help us to understand the Neolithic and Bronze Age timber circles of Britain and Ireland, and how these timber circles aid our understanding of Stonehenge. He attempts their reconstruction, discusses their possible usages and functions, and describes how rituals may have changed through time. The relationship of timber circles with henges and stone circles is also explored.


Dr Alex Gibson is Reader in Prehistory, department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, and author of the widely praised Prehistoric Pottery in Britain and Ireland ('Above all, Gibson makes the study of pottery interesting, which is no mean feat!' -- Oxbow Book News; 'Always accessible, immensely readable and thankfully free of impenetrable jargon.'--- Minerva). 'This is an interesting topic laid out in a concise way which is to be applauded.'-- British Archaeology 'A very readable and stimulating review, with a great deal of useful information ... The author and Tempus are to be congratulated on a readable and attractive volume.'-- The Archaeologist

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