A History of Russia

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Juni 2005



Roger Bartlett traces the history of Russia from its beginnings in Kiev Russia, through the Muscovite and Imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet periods, to the end of the twentieth-century. While offering a broad perspective on Russia's historical development, Bartlett focuses on the origins of Russian political culture and the place of the majority peasant population in the Russian/Soviet polity.


List of Maps
List of Tables
List of Illustrations
Note on Transliteration, Names and Dates
Introduction: The Geographical Setting
The Origins to 1600: Kiev and Sarai
1300-1600: Moscow and Novgorod: The Emergence of Empire and Autocratic Rule
1600-1760: Moscow and St Petersburg: Muscovy and the Petrine Empire
1760-1860: Russia and Europe: Apogee and Decline of the Autocratic State
1860-1917: Europe and Russia: Stabilisation and Collapse of the Autocratic State
1917-53: Russian Empire and Soviet Union: From Pariah to Superpower
1953-91: The Soviet Union as World Power: Retreat from Utopia
1991-the Present: The Russian Federation and CIS: Democracy and Free Market?
Further Reading


'A well-organized and balanced overview.' - Robert Weinberg, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
'An accurate, up-to-date and accessible survey.' - Shane O'Rourke, University of York
'A very compact and readable history of the development of Russian people and state from mediaeval origins to the post-soviet period until the emergence of Putin. This is altogether an extremely useful, balanced and authoritative work. - Brian Cooper, Mainstream East-West Christian Understanding
'...it would be hard to think of a better book of its kind.' - Simon Dixon, University of Leeds, UK
'A coherent, balanced and chronologically ordered narration of the history of Russia ... it is emphatically recommended as a text for reading and for learning.' - Ludwig Steindorff, Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas
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