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Takes learners up to GCSE level and beyond. This book looks at different topic areas in and goes on to cover practical matters such as dealing with your finances, methods of communication, buying a property in France and the world of work. It covers the necessary topics, grammar and vocabulary for GCSE, LLAS OCR Intermediate Level and Level 2.


1 Les retrouvailles Yourself and others; Describing people; Arranging to meet up; Decouverte de la Francophonie 2 On n'est bien que chez soi! Daily routine; Talking about your region; Talking about your origins; Decouverte de la Francophonie 3 L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur Banks and opening an account; Post office and services; How you spend your money; Decouverte de la Francophonie 4 A vendre Describing your home; Your ideal house; Adverts, forms, official documents; Decouverte de la Francophonie 5 Communiquez.fr Telephone skills; E-mails; Informal correspondence; Decouverte de la Francophonie 6 Si jeunesse savait ... Talking about what you did; What you used to do as a child; Decouverte de la Francophonie 7 Une sante de fer! Describing symptoms; At the vet's; Healthy lifestyle; Describing an accident; Decouverte de la Francophonie 8 A temps perdu Travelling; Hobbies; Decouverte de la Francophonie 9 Merci pour le cadeau Arranging a wedding; Buying presents; Describing things (materials and shapes); Decouverte de la Francophonie 10 Tout travail merite salaire! Work placements and company training; Careers and employment; Job adverts and correspondence; Decouverte de la Francophonie Language Summary French-English Wordlist English-French Wordlist
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Untertitel: An Intermediate Language Course. ill. Sprache: Französisch.
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