Prompted to Write: Building On-Demand Writing Skills, Grades 6-12

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"Prompted to Writeoffers help for teachers who are preparing their students for "high stakes" writing tests. This book features fifteen in-depth and reproducible lesson units to help students develop proficiency in crafting essays in all subjects, building their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, and assessing the quality of their written work. The lessons cover a variety of essay genres and are useful in preparing students for state-mandated writing tests, school entrance and exit exams, and the SAT.  Each lesson includes guided pre-writing and planning activities and concludes with a timed writing task (complete with a revision/edition checklist) and a customized scoring guide. Student writing samples are provided along with extensive instructional and assessment guidance.


Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. PART ONE: INSTRUCTIONAL PROCESS. 1. Bridging the Testing/Teaching Gap. 2. The Prompted to Write Model: Preparing Students to Do Their Best. 3. Understanding and Teaching the Lessons. 4. Weaving the Lessons into a Year-Long Writing Program. 5. Evaluating Student Writing (and Teaching Students to Score). 6. Using the Prompts in Larger-Scale Writing Assessments. 7. Learning from the Assessment Process. PART TWO: THE LESSONS. Writing to Discover and Reveal. 1. A Personal Oasis. 2. A Childhood Passion. 3. Something About Me You May Not Know. 4. Something I'll Never Forget. 5. House on Fire. 6. A Personal Hero. 7. Lucky Breaks. 8. Responding to "Boar Out There". 9. Responding to "The Cormorant's Tale". 10. Here's Something Cool! Writing to Support a Claim. 11. Junk Food Lunches? 12. Key to Success. 13. A School Improvement. 14. Unlikely Thieves. 15. Time to Go Alternative? Appendixes. A. Student Exemplars. B. Narrative Writing Strategies. C. Persuasive Writing Pitfalls. D. Writing Sample Form. E. Batch Sheet Form. F. Bibliography. Index.


Meredith Pike-Baky is a curriculum and assessment coordinator for Education Task Force, a consortium of twelve K-14 school districts in Marin County, California. A textbook author and teacher educator, she teaches and conducts teacher workshops for the Bay Area Writing Project. Gerald Fleming is an award-winning teacher who has taught in the San Francisco Public Schools for over thirty years. He teaches secondary English, social studies, and journalism and also teaches curriculum and instruction at the University of San Francisco.

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