Perspectives in Fluid Dynamics: A Collective Introduction to Current Research

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November 2002



With applications ranging from modelling the environment to automotive design and physiology to astrophysics, conventional textbooks cannot hope to give students much information on what topics in fluid dynamics are currently being researched, or how to choose between them. This book rectifies matters. It consists of eleven chapters that introduce and review different branches of the subject for graduate-level courses, or for specialists seeking introductions to other areas. Hb ISBN (2001): 0-521-78061-6


'... a wide-ranging collection of articles ... I recommend this book without reservation, and it certainly belongs in any technical library.' John Miles, University of California, San Diego 'Each author was charged with being didactic rather than providing a comprehensive survey of the literature surrounding their subject. The eleven distinguished authors, including two of the editors, succeeded marvellously carrying out their charge ... all chapters are exquisitely written and do provide a superb introduction and significant understanding to their respective topics ... The book is a joy to read.' Applied Mechanics Reviews '... a very good contribution indeed ... The authors are to be congratulated ... I very much enjoyed reading this book ... I hope it will find a wide readership among both new and experienced fluid dynamists.' Professor Frank T. Smith, Mathematics Today 'The book belongs on the shelf of any serious student of fluid mechanics and many researchers whose work touches on the subject of fluid mechanics in a substantial way.' H. Aref, Journal of Fluid Mechanics
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