Physiology of the Graafian Follicle and Ovulation

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Juni 2003



This 2003 volume integrates the vast available literature from both animal and human systems to provide a comprehensive and digestible summary.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Mammalian ovaries, Graafian follicles and oocytes: selected historical landmarks; 2. Formation and structure of ovaries: elaboration of follicular compartments; 3. Physiology of the ovaries and maturing Graafian follicles; 4. Ovarian follicular-antral fluid; 5. Endocrine potential and function of a Graafian follicle; 6. Follicular recruitment and development: selection - or atresia; 7. Follicular responses to the pre-ovulatory surge of gonadotrophic hormones; 8. The process of ovulation and shedding of an oocyte; 9. Post-ovulatory fate of follicle and oocyte: contributions of somatic cells and follicular fluid; 10. Failure of ovulation: status of the gonads; 11. Induction of ovulation in women and domestic animals; 12. Concluding thoughts and a current perspective; Index.


"...a superb review of more than 100 years of descriptive, experimental, and clinical literature...an essential book for biological and medical libraries and for anyone interested in the physiology of reproduction." American Journal of Human Biology
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