Association Schemes: Designed Experiments, Algebra and Combinatorics

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R.A. Bailey covers in this study the mathematics of association schemes--an area lying between pure mathematics and statistics that relates to the optimal design of scientific experiments. The book is accessible to mathematicians as well as statisticians. Arising from a graduate course taught by the author, it appeals to students as well as researchers as a valuable reference work from which to learn about the statistical/combinatorial aspects of their work.


1. Association schemes; 2. The Bose-Mesner algebra; 3. Combining association schemes; 4. Incomplete-block designs; 5. Partial balance; 6. Families of partitions; 7. Designs for structured sets; 8. Groups; 9. Posets; 10. Subschemes, quotients, duals and products; 11. Association schemes on the same set; 12. Where next?; 13. History and references.


R. A. Bailey has been Professor of Statistics at Queen Mary, University of London since 1994. Currently she is also head of the School of Mathematical Sciences. After doing a DPhil in group theory at Oxford she worked in the Mathematics Faculty of the Open University then took a post-doctoral research fellowship in Statistics at Edinburgh University. Since then her main research interest has been in the design of experiments. She spent 10 years in the Statistics Department of Rothamsted Experimental Station (now the BBSRC Institute of Arable Crops Research) before coming to the University of London as Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Goldsmiths' College. Along the way she was a school teacher for one year and a technician in medical research for another. She has also held short-term appointments at the Universities of Western Australia, Sydney (Australia), and North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). She has been a frequent visitor to the Unit\'e de Biom\'etrie in the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique at Versailles (France), and has given short courses on Statistics in Finland, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Augsburg (Germany). Her interests span statistics and pure mathematics, and the importance of both to scientists and to ordinary people. She has served the London Mathematical Society as Meetings and Membership Secretary, Vice President and member of the Personnel and Office Committee. She was a member of the British Combinatorial Committee when it established its current successful format for conferences. She was secretary of the UK \TeX\ Users' Group for four years. She is a member of the Council of the International Biometric Society, being president of the British Region 2000-2002. She is a member of the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society. She is also a member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the International Statistical Institute. She represented the Committee of Professors of Statistics first on the Higher Educatio


Review of the hardback: 'As expected, Rosemary Bailey has presented us with a very scholarly work. She successfully draws the two threads of experimental design and the pure mathematics of association schemes together in this extremely thorough exposition ... The author has made an important contribution to bridging the gap between these two areas.' Short Book Reviews Review of the hardback: 'This book sets out on a very ambitious course, to bring these two groups together. it succeeds admirably ... One might feel that a reader interested only in designed experiments, or conversely only in algebraic combinatorics, may find the union of the two more difficult. However, the book is written so that both types of reader will find the presentation engaging; indeed one cannot help but conclude that these two viewpoints belong together. The author has done the community a valuable service by strengthening a link between the two.' Zentralblatt MATH Review of the hardback: 'The author of this impressive monograph is well-known as a world leader who has made fundamental contributions to this field. Now she has come up with this elegantly written that provides a unified survey of the developments in and around association schemes. ... lucid and well-organized, the book maintains a high level of mathematical rigour and depth. The impressive list of references, including the most up-to-date ones, will make the book particularly valuable. The large number of examples and exercises, all meticulously chosen, will certainly endear the book to its readers. The author has done a tremendous job, and the scientific community will be the beneficiary. This marvellous book should find a place in the bookshelf of any serious researcher in experimental design and combinatorial theory.' Indian Journal of Statistics Review of the hardback: '... a valuable contribution to one of the important aspects of commutative scheme theory: the application of commutative scheme theory to statistics. ... fills one of the many gaps in the global view of schemes and their central role in mathematics.' Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Review of the hardback: '... a welcome addition to researchers in the area of association schemes as it is comprehensive and indicates likely directions for future work.' Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A
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