Integrated Circuit Test Engineering

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August 2005



Using the book and the software provided with it, the reader can build his/her own tester arrangement to investigate key aspects of analog-, digital- and mixed system circuits

Plan of attack based on traditional testing, circuit design and circuit manufacture allows the reader to appreciate a testing regime from the point of view of all the participating interests

Worked examples based on theoretical bookwork, practical experimentation and simulation exercises teach the reader how to test circuits thoroughly and effectively


to Integrated Circuit Test Engineering.- Fabrication Processes for Integrated Circuits.- Digital Logic Test.- Memory Test.- Analogue Test.- Mixed-Signal Test.- Input-Output Test.- Design for Testability - Structured Test Approaches.- System on a Chip (SoC) Test.- Test Pattern Generation and Fault Simulation.- Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Production Test.- Test Economics.


Doctor Ian Grout is a lecturer within the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick. His research interests include microelectronic circuit design, control systems applications, design for test (digital and mixed-signal), test technology, CAD tool development and interfacing. He currently teaches microelectronic circuit design for electronic engineering students and test engineering for the final year electronic systems and VLSI Masters students. He is also the course leader for the Electronic Systems undergraduate programme within the university.
Doctor Grout has previously held positions with the UK Ministry of Defence and Defence Research Agency. He is currently the chair of the Educational ECAD (Electronic Computer Aided Design) User Group, UK, http://www.eeug.org.uk.

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