Women Resisting AIDS PB

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Januar 1995



Features essays which discuss the rapid spread of AIDS among women, including the responses of women of color, lesbians, and low-income women.


Contributors Introduction: Feminist Strategies of Empowerment Beth E. Schneider and Nancy Stoller Part I: Women Confront the Problem of AIDS 1. AIDS in the 1990s: Individual and Collective Responsibility Eka Esu-Williams 2. Complications of Gender: Women, AIDS, and Law Nan Hunter 3. African-American Women at Risk: Notes on the Socio-Cultural Context of HIV Diane Lewis 4. Social Control, Civil Liberties, and Women's Sexuality Beth E. Schneider and Valerie Jenness Part II: Women and the Problematics of HIV Prevention 5. Sex Workers Fight Against Aids: An International Perspective Pricilla Alexander 6. Women in Families with Hemophilia and HIV: Improving Communication about Sensitive Issues Cathy Greenblat 7. AIDS Prevention, Minority Women, and Gender Assertiveness Barbara Sosnowitz 8. Transferability of American AIDS Prevention Models to South Afircan Youth Ntombifuthi Agnes Mtshali 9. Constructing the Outreach Moment: Street Intervention to Women at Risk Cathy J. Reback Part III: Women Organize AIDS Care and Foster Social Change 10. Call Us Survivors! Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD) Rebecca Dennison 11. CAL-PEP: The Struggle to Survive Gloria Lockett 12. Lesbian Denial and Lesbian Leadership in the AIDS Epidemic: Bravery and Fear in the Construction of a Lesbian Geography of Risk Amber Hollibaugh 13. Some Comments on the Beginnings of AIDS Outreach to Women Drug Users in San Francisco Moher Downing 14. Action-Research and Empowerment in Africa Brooke Grundfest Schoepf 15. Lesbian Involvement in the AIDS Epidemic: Changing Roles and Generational Differences Nancy Stoller 16. The Role of Nurses in the HIV Epidemic Marcy Fraser and Diane Jones Part IV: Problems and Policies for Women in the Future 17. Challenges and Possibilities: Women, HIV, and the Health Care System in the 1990s Helen Rodriguez-Trias and Carola Marte 18. AIDS, Ethics, Reproductive Rights: No Easy Answers Cheri Pies 19. How AIDS Changes Development Priorities Mabel Bianco


"...a welcome addition to the women's health section... These original essays discuss the increasingly rapid spread of AIDS among women, including women of color, lesbians, and low income women." --Feminist Bookstore News "Finally! This book doesn't just repeat well-known data about women and AIDS or stop at flagging the inextricable connection between women's social roles, status, and rights and their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS--it deals directly with how to make a difference. The editors have made a major contribution to global learning--by providing examples from the United States and around the world which speak directly and honestly about successes and failures. This book signals the long-awaited and critically important linkage between feminist strategies and action for HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Through its accounts of struggle and action, this book sharply illustrates the fundamental linkage between human rights and health. Many this book catalyze women and men of courage and conscience!" --Jonathan Mann, Director, International AIDS Center, Harvard School of Public Health "Schneider and Stoller have provided an invaluable resource to researchers and policymakers who often overlook the impact of AIDS on women and women of color in particular. This collection documents and analyzes women's experiences with AIDS, always pointing to the centrality of gender in understanding AIDS. Drawing on analyses of sexuality, law, public policy, public health, and sociology, these essays fill and important void in our knowledge of this important social problem." --Margaret L. Andersen, Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, University of Delaware
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