A Passage to Anthropology: Between Experience and Theory

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November 1995



The postmodern critique of Objectivism, Realism and Essentialism has somewhat shattered the foundations of anthropology, seriously questioning the legitimacy of studying others. By confronting the critique and turning it into a vital part of the anthropological debate, "A Passage To Anthropology" provides a rigorous discussion of central theoretical problems in anthropology that will find a readership in the social sciences and the humanities. It makes the case for a renewed and invigorated scholarly anthropology with extensive reference to recent anthropological debates in Europe and the US, as well as to new developments in linguistic theory and, especially, newer American philosophy.
Although the style of the work is mainly theoretical, the author illustrates the points by referring to her own fieldwork conducted in Iceland. "A Passage to Anthropology" will be of interest to students in anthropology, sociology and cultural studies.

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