The Psychopharmacologists 3

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Exploring a New World: The Birth of Psychopharmacology A Psychpharmacology That Nearly Was The Psychopharmacology of Life & Death The Catecholamine Hypothesis Catatonia, Pink Sport & Antipsychiatry Receptors & Chemists Receptors & Classical Pharmacology The Receptor Enters Psychiatry 1 The Receptor Enters Psychiatry 2 Visualising Receptors & Beyond From the Presynaptic Neurone to The Receptor to The Nucleus The Discovery of the Psychotropic Effects of Carbamazepine Psychopharmaceuticals in Japan Neurotransmitter Research in Japan Childhood Psychopharmacology Phenomenology, Psychopharmacotherapy & Child Psychiatry From DDT to Imipramine Forty-Four Years of Psychiatry & Psychopharmacology The Neo-Kraepelinian Revolution A Manual for Diagnosis and Statistics Neglected Discipleines in Psychpharmacology: Pharmaco-EEG & Electroshock The Hypnotic Business Angles on Panic From Neuroleptics to Antipsychotics Twenty-First Century Drug Development Ten Years That Changes Psychiatry.


This is the third volume of a series of interviews with psychopharmacologists conducted by David Healy. These oral histories give the reader a fresh and personal view of the progress made in psychopharmacology over the past few decades. New England Journal of Medicine A book that should have a place in any good medical library so that budding psychopharmacologists and neuroscientists can appreciate the interpenetration of history and biography in the origins of their field. Addiction Biology
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