Worship as Meaning: A Liturgical Theology for Late Modernity

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How, in this age of belief, can we make sense of the act of Christian worship? Convinced that people shape their meanings from those available to them, Graham Hughes inquires into liturgical constructions of meaning, within the larger context of late twentieth-century meaning theory. Drawing particularly upon the work of Charles Peirce, Hughes employs semiotic theory to analyze the construction, transmission and apprehension of meaning within an actual worship service. This book will appeal to teachers and students of theology, clergy and informed lay Christians.


Introduction; Part I. The Making of Meaning: 1. Meaning in worship; 2. 'Theory of Meaning' at the end of the twentieth century; 3. Dimensions of a theory of meaning for worship; Part II. Signs of Wonder: 4. The liturgical sign (i); 5. The liturgical sign (ii); 6. Sign production, sign reception; 7. Liturgical theology; 8. At the edge of the known; Epilogue; Bibliography.


Graham Hughes is Lecturer Emeritus in Liturgical Studies at United Theological College and Academic Associate at the School of Theology, Charles Sturt University, Sydney. He is the author of The Place of Prayer (1998), Beyond our Dreaming (1996), Leading in Prayer (1992) and Hebrews and Hermeneutics (CUP, 1981).


'... brings his maturity and liturgical wisdom to bear on a subject of enormous practical importance for liturgists and laity alike.' Theology '... excellent book ... Hughes has helped to significantly advance a conversation about Peircean semiotics and liturgical theology.' Theology 'Graham Hughes offers a comprehensive summary of recent semiotic theory and recent liturgical studies in this wide-ranging, mature epic. ... Hughes has put his finger on a host of questions, hunches and disaffections that have been worrying liturgical studies for some time. ... this is an inspirational book, the sort that makes you see what you do a little differently and hope for more, and as such the concretization of its work will be done one worshipper at a time, if she is allowed to construct the realities of her world within the symbolic openness that God, in this view of worship, creates.' Scottish Journal of Theology
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