Introducing Metaphor

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"Introducing Metaphor is an accessible introduction to the different ways in which metaphor permeates all areas of language, and other methods of communication, covering both theoretical and practical approaches to the analysis of texts.
Combining a variety of approaches to this widely studied subject, the book provides a thorough grounding in metaphor and word meaning, theories on the processing and understanding of metaphorical language, and metaphor in other languages and translation.
Moon and Knowles draw on a wide selection of examples to explore metaphor in relation to text, discourse and society. Linguistic metaphor and literary metaphor are examined in a range of contexts such as politics, sport and advertising, while literary metaphor is demonstrated through authentic extracts from fiction and poetry. A final section covering non-verbal metaphor looks at metaphor in art, cinema and music, further demonstrating metaphor theory in practice.
Featuring suggestions for further reading on topics in each chapter, and an appendix for small-scale research investigations on metaphor, Introducing Metaphor will be invaluable to undergraduate students of English Language, Linguistics and Literature.


Foreword. 1. Metaphorical and figurative language 2. Systems of metaphor 3. Metaphor and word meaning 4. Metaphor and idiom 5. Metaphor, evaluation, and ideology 6. Crosslinguistic and crosscultural aspects of metaphor 7. Metaphor and journalism 8. Metaphor, advertising, and lifestyles 9. Metaphor and literature 10. Researching metaphor. Annotated further reading. Glossary. References. Index.


Rosamund Moon is a lecturer in English Language in the Department of English, University of Birmingham. Her specialist teaching areas are lexis, lexicography, and the history of the language, and she has recently been involved in a research project on metaphor. Her publications mainly concern aspects of lexis, especially phraseology, and lexicography, and they include her book Fixed Expressions and English: A Corpus-based Approach (1998), OUP. Murray Knowles is a lecturer in English Language and Literature in the department of English, University of Birmingham. His specialist teaching areas are lexis, sociolinguistics, language in literature and children's literature, and they include his book - co-written with Kirsten Malmkjaer - Language and Control in Children's Literature (1996), Routledge.


'A valuable and enlightening contribution ... an excellent introductory textbook to metaphor studies, accessible both to people who are being introduced to the study of metaphor for the very first time and to people well-versed in metaphor studies ... this book is strongly recommended ... it is a real contribution to metaphor studies.' The Linguist List
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