Lawyering Skills and the Legal Process

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September 2005



This book develops students' understanding and practice of client interviewing, writing and drafting, negotiation and advocacy in the context of extensive research in the legal profession and the civil and criminal justice systems. It emphasizes the extent to which lawyering is a dynamic process, determined by a variety of legal, business and ethical considerations. It encourages students to develop a critical and reflective approach geared to developing their abilities to manage this dynamic environment.


Preface; Table of cases and legislation; Introduction; 1. Descent into the swamp; 2. Learning to live in the swamp; 3. Law talk and lay talk: lawyers as communicators; 4. You'll never work alone: group learning and group skills; 5. Interviewing: building the relationship and gaining participation; 6. The 'Good Lawyer': ethics and values in legal work; 7. Clarifying language: making sense of writing; 8. Manipulating language: drafting legal documents; 9. Handling conflict: negotiation; 10. Advocacy: case management and preparation; 11. Into court: the deepest swamp?; Further reading.


Principal Lecturer in Law, Law Faculty, University of the West of England Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Westminster

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