Developing Thinking in Geometry

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August 2005



'Geometry is often given less time in the teaching timetable than other aspects of mathematics. This book encourages practitioners to think about and raise its profile, indeed achieving what its title suggest' - Primary Practice
`This creative, innovative and fascinating book/CD package is one you "MUST BUY". All prospective, new and experienced teachers of mathematics can use it to transform their teaching. All readers can use it to reignite their fascination with mathematics' - Professor Sylvia Johnson, Sheffield Hallam University
'This book exudes activity and interactivity. Moreover, it provides challenge in the context of a significant pedagogy, one that is not just present but actually made explicit. It is undoubtedly a book to learn geometry with, but also one to learn to think more deeply about geometry, about its nature and essence, and also about its teaching and learning' - David Pimm
Developing Thinking in Geometry enables teachers and their support staff to experience and teach geometric thinking. As well as discussing key teaching principles, the book and accompanying interactive CD include many activities that encourage readers to extend their own learning, and consequently their teaching practices.
The book is constructed around the following key themes:
- invariance;
- language and points of view;
- reasoning using invariance;
- visualising and representing.
These themes draw on teaching principles developed by the team at the Open University's Centre for Mathematics Education which has a 20-year track record of innovative approaches to teaching and learning geometry.
This is a 'must have' text for all primary mathematics specialists, secondary and Further Education mathematics teachers and their support staff. Anyone who wishes to create an understanding and enthusiasm for geometry based upon firm research and effective practice, will enjoy this book.
This is the course reader for the Open University Course ME627 Developing
Geometric Thinking


Language and Points of View
Reasoning Based on Invariant Properties
Visualising and Representing
Invariance in Measurement
Measuring Areas and Volumes
Geometrical Reasoning
Transformations and Invariants
Language and Points of View
Reasoning with Transformation Geometry
Visualising Transformations
Themes and Structure
Powers, Constructs and Strategies


"This book contains an amazing collection of geometric problems that will interest and challenge most readers, though its pedagogical context is designed primarily for mathematics teachers. Part of a three-book series written by the Open University's Centre for Mathematics Education, it focuses on geometric thinking--what it means, how to develop it, and how to recognize it. Using curricular and research documents as a foundation, the book's structure thoroughly develops four key ideas of geometric thinking: invariance, geometric language and points of view, reasoning, and visualizing and representing. Using a great number of interesting and clever activities (many provided on the accompanying CD-ROM), each key idea is developed and discussed thoroughly, and readers are strongly encouraged to participate actively as both problem solvers and geometric thinkers. An additional section discusses the related pedagogical issues surrounding each key idea, followed by two concluding sections that provide a unified structure for the four geometric themes and many teaching strategies that were developed. Again, the book is exemplary in its provision of rich problems and pedagogical commentary, offering a welcome perspective on geometrical thinking that spans the primary through the high school grades. Summing Up: Highly recommended."
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