Pax Pacifica

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Renowned peace studies professor assesses the impact of terrorism on the pacific region.


Preface; September 11 2001; 1. What Happened Before September 11? US State Terrorism! 2. Terrorism and Retaliation; 3. Religious Fundamentalism; Power In The Pacific; 4. The USA, World Hegemony and Cold War II; 5. Japan, Asia, USA: The Politics of Non-Reconciliation; 6. The European Union: Perspectives, Prospectives; Peace In The Pacific; 7. Towards a Pax Pacifica; 8. Decolonization in the Pacific; 9. Pearl Harbor Day 2001: Theories of War; Theories of Peace; Peace Studies; 10. What is Peace Studies? 11. On the Epistemology and Methodology of Peace Studies; 12. Peace Studies and Universities in the Age of Globalization; The Global Perspective; 13. The Three Global Classes, Three Ways of War; Three Ways of Peace; 14. Globalization from Above and Globalization From Below; 15. Peace Movements in the Age of Globalization: Tasks for Japanese NGOs and Youth; Does Religion Have An Answer; 16. On the Fruits Thou Shalt Know the Tree; 17. There is Gentle Wisdom in Them All; 18. That Little Brown Man in the Loincloth; Epilogue


Johan Galtung founded the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo in 1959 and is the author of many essays and works on peace, including Searching for Peace (Pluto Press, 2000) and Transcend and Transform (Pluto Press, 2004). Currently Professor of Peace Studies at six universities, he is the holder of the Right Livelihood Award 1987 and the Norwegian Humanist Prize 1988.
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Untertitel: Terrorism, the Pacific Hemisphere, Globalization and Peace Studies. 'Critical Peace Studies: Peace by Peaceful Means (Transcend)'. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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