Applied Research in Environmental Economics

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Juli 2005



Sustainable development, climate policy, biodiversity conservation - all these represent flash points at the intersection of environmental science, economics, and public policy. This volume offers a snapshot of environmental economic research on a range of policy-relevant problems. Academic contributions are complemented by the views of policy makers on environmental policy priorities, the usefulness of academic research for decision making, and the future of applied research.


Constructing Meaningful Sustainability Indices.- A Framework for Indicators to Monitor the EU Sustainable Development Strategy.- Measuring Corporate Sustainability Performance and Its Impact on Corporate Financial Performance.- Impact Assessment and Sustainability.- Should Environmental Policy Discriminate Between Exposed and Sheltered Sectors?.- Ecological-Economic Models for Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation Policies.- Vision, Analysis, and Future Pathways in Transport Research.- Transportation and the Environment - Perspectives for Future Research.- Research Issues in Transport Economics: Dynamics, Integration, and Indirect Effects.- Traffic and Environment: Policy Maker's Response.- Liberalised Energy Markets - Do We Need Re-Regulation?.- Energy Markets - Research Issues and Policy Needs.- An Agenda for Energy Policy - An Element of Innovation Policy.- Energy Market Regulation: Impacts of EU Research.- Why Is Economic Theory Ignored in Environmental Policy Practice?.- On the Political Economy of Economic Policy Advice - With Applications of Environmental Policy.- Insights in Political Processes on the Ecological Tax Reform from a Ministerial Perspective.


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