Pressure Ulcer Research

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August 2005



Presents both current and future aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

Presents evidence-based knowledge of pressure ulcer aetiology.

Contains over 90 illustrations.

Explores the possiblities of tissue repair using new tissue engineering strategies.


The aetiopathology of pressure ulcers: A hierarchical approach.- Medical perspectives in the 21st century.- Medico-legal implications.- Patients at risk for pressure ulcers and evidence based care for pressure ulcer prevention.- The measurement of interface pressure.- Susceptibility of spinal cord injured individuals to pressure ulcers.- Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers using electrical stimulation.- Biochemical status of soft tissues subjected to sustained pressure.- Stump-socket interface conditions.- Perspectives of numerical modelling in pressure ulcer research.- Skin morphology and its mechanical properties associated with loading.- Compression-induced tissue damage: animal models.-The role of oxidative stress in the development and persistence of pressure ulcers.- Transport of fluid and solutes in tissues.- Skin model studies.- In vitro muscle model studies.- Imaging tissues for pressure ulcer prevention.- Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy of pressure ulcers.- Microelectrodes and biocompatible sensors for skin p02 measurements.- New tissue repair strategies.- Subject Index


Prof. Dr. D. Bader is full professor of Medical Engineering (London) and part-time professor of tissue engineering (Eindhoven, NL).
Dr. Carlijn Bouten is associate professor (UHD) of Tissue Engineering. She studied Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology at the Department of Human Movement Sciences of the Free University, Amsterdam.
Dr. Cees Oomens is associate professor (UHD) in Biomechanics and Continuum-mechanics. He studied physics at Eindhoven University of Technology.
Dr. Denis Colin is Medical Director of Centre de L'Arche at Saint Saturnin, Le Mans, France.


From the reviews:
"This is a useful and unique contribution to a neglected area. ... This ... volume succeeds in its aim of providing 'a clearer understanding of the mechanisms associated with the aetiology of pressure ulcers and to identify the risk levels of individuals'. Surgeons with a pressure sore and wound-healing interest will find a useful reference ... . I would certainly want to have this on my medical bookshelf." (Chris Khoo, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons, Vol. 89, 2007)
"The present book gives current data on all aspects of the medical problem ... and current nursing practices for the management of pressure sores. ... this book is mainly dedicated to the basic fundamental sciences applied to the pressure sore. Links between basic sciences and clinical applications are clearly present in order to help the clinician to manage patients in a better way. ... In conclusion, this book is interesting for those ... interested in the understanding of pressure sore genesis, analysis, prevention and treatment." (O. Heymans, Acta Chirurgica Belgica, Vol. 106 (1), 2006)
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