Dream Speaker

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An award-winning TV movie and perennial bestseller, "Dreamspeaker" is the powerful and deeply moving story of a boy caught between two worlds.


Anne Cameron was born in Nanaimo BC. She began writing at an early age, starting with theatre scripts and screenplays. In 1979, her film Dreamspeaker, directed by Claude Jutra, won seven Canadian Film Awards, including best script. After being published as a novel, Dreamspeaker went on to win the Gibson Award for Literature. She has published more than 30 books.


""Dreamspeaker" is a novel that crosses adult and children's literature boundaries in multiple ways...I would recommend that any adult who gives "Dreamspeaker" to a child read it along with the child and be more than prepared to discuss, laugh with, and cry over this remarkable novel."
-Norah Bowman, "prairie"fire
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