Working Virtually: Challenges of Virtual Teams

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April 2005



Virtual teams have been used to maximize scarce and distributed resources for many years. Expense reductions, health epidemics, air travel safety, and complex supply chains have only intensified this need. This is a perspective on the growing dependence on virtual teams and how best to exploit them.


Section 1: Virtual Team Myths; Section 2: Business Case; Section 3: Virtual Team Models; Section 4: Best Practices for Virtual Teams; Section 5: Moving Forward with Virtual Teams


Robert Jones works for the Enterprise Architecture Group of HP Corporate IT, where he is the team lead for a group which facilitates cooperation and communication between over 150 enterprise architects from many different countries and organizations. Rob Oyung is currently an R&D Lab Manager at Hewlett-Packard. He has over 13 years of experience in Information Technology. Lise Shade Pace works for the Enterprise Architecture Group of HP Corporate IT. She has worked for HP for over fifteen years, and her current areas of focus include knowledge management, peer-to-peer computing, and IT infrastructure evolution models.

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