The Merry-Go-Round of Sexual Abuse: Identifying and Treating Survivors

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The Merry-Go-Round of Sexual Abuse is a valuable guide to identifying, treating, and breaking the cycle of sexual abuse. Based on 30 years of professional experience in treating offenders and survivors of sexual assault and sexual molestation, Dr. Prendergast provides step-by-step guidelines and specialized treatment techniques most effective in producing change in this group of clients. Each technique is illustrated with pertinent case studies. This is a much-needed guide for professionals who often lack specific training in the identification and treatment of both offenders and survivors of sexual abuse.


Contents Distinguishing Characteristics of the Survivors of Sexual Abuse: The "Who" of Treatment The Offender The Survivor Methods Survivors Use to Deal With Sexual Trauma, Conscious or Unconscious "Imprinting" as a Result of Early Sexual Seduction/Molestation and Its Effects on Adult Behavior Behavioral Effects of Sexual Trauma: Unresolved but Conscious Vs. Unidentified and Repressed Pre-Treatment Considerations Treatment Issues: Overview Ten Initial Steps in Survivor Treatment Specialized Treatment Techniques for Survivors: With a Focus on Unresolved Sexual Trauma and Unidentified Sexual Trauma Specialized Therapy Techniques, I Specialized Therapy Techniques, II Self Confrontation and New Image Formation Religion, Cults, and Satanism in Sexual Abuse Final Thoughts and Issues Appendix References Index Illustrations, Graphs, and Tables
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