Cisco IP Communications Express: Callmanager Express with Cisco Unity Express

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Telephony solutions for the small and medium business, enterprise branch office, and small office Detailed information not available in any other resource enables you to deploy IP telephony solutions with maximum efficiency Building blocks of the product features provide solutions that enhance the operations and productivity of your organization Numerous examples show you how to configure the comprehensive suite of features available with Cisco IPC Express Insights from the experts demonstrate how you can enhance your IP telephony system with applications such as automated attendant and voice mail Management and troubleshooting tips will help you keep your network up and running smoothly Enterprise branches and small and medium businesses require IP telephony solutions particular to their size. Cisco(R) IP Communications (IPC) Express is the answer: a one-box solution that provides turnkey operation with an easy-to-use web-based interface for combined voice and data needs. Cisco IPC Express delivers a comprehensive suite of telephony features, security, and applications-but how will you use them to your best advantage? This book, "Cisco IP Communications Express," provides the detailed information you need to maximize the use of this powerful product suite. By reading this book, you will learn how Cisco IPC Express and its applications can become a business solution for your office or enterprise. The experts from Cisco Systems(R) give you in-depth design guidance, full configurations, and valuable examples to serve as blueprints for your network. The feature operation and deployment discussions demonstrate how to configure and customize the system andhow to use different product features to achieve your specific business goals. Once you deploy your solutions, you will be able to maintain your network through the troubleshooting guidance and examples of resolutions to common problems provided in this book. "Cisco IP Comm


Introduction Part I Cisco IP Communications Express Overview Chapter 1 Introducing Cisco IPC Express Chapter 2 Building a Cisco IPC Express Network Chapter 3 Cisco IPC Express Architecture Overview Part II Feature Operation and Applications Chapter 4 Cisco IP Phone Options Chapter 5 Cisco CME Call Processing Features Chapter 6 Cisco CME PSTN Connectivity Options Chapter 7 Connecting Multiple Cisco CMEs with VoIP Chapter 8 Integrating Cisco CME with Cisco CallManager Chapter 9 Cisco IPC Express Automated Attendant Options Chapter 10 Cisco IPC Express Integrated Voice Mail Chapter 11 Cisco CME External Voice Mail Options Chapter 12 Additional External Applications with Cisco CME Part III Administration and Management Chapter 13 Cisco IPC Express General Administration and Initial System Setup Chapter 14 Configuring and Managing Cisco IPC Express Systems Chapter 15 Cisco IPC Express System Configuration Example Part IV Maintenance and Troubleshooting Chapter 16 Troubleshooting Basic Cisco IPC Express Features Chapter 17 Troubleshooting Advanced Cisco CME Features Chapter 18 Troubleshooting Cisco CME Network Integration Chapter 19 Troubleshooting Cisco UE System Features Chapter 20 Troubleshooting Cisco UE Automated Attendant Chapter 21 Troubleshooting Cisco UE Integrated Voice Mail Features Appendixes Appendix A Cisco IPC Express Features, Releases, and Ordering Information Appendix B Sample Cisco UE AA Scripts Appendix C Cisco Unity Express Database Schema Glossary Index


Danelle Au is a product manager in the IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems. Baldwin Choi is a member of the technical marketing staff in the IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems. Rajesh Haridas is a member of the engineering test team of the Access Router and IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems. Christina Hattingh is a member of the technical staff in the IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems. Ravi Koulagi is a member of the development test staff of the IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems. Mike Tasker is a software architect in the IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems. Lillian Xia is a member of the technical staff in the IP Communications group branch office at Cisco Systems.

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