Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas

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Key features of this important new book include: Teaching Flexibility. Although written with the needs of pre-service teachers in mind, theory and research are treated in sufficient depth to make the book suitable for graduate courses and for teacher study groups. It is also appropriate for secondary reading specialists or literacy coaches responsible for establishing or maintaining a school-wide literacy program.Changes in New Edition. All chapters have been reorganized and most of the text rewritten. In addition, new chapters not usually included in content area reading texts were added. These cover: 1) adolescents' out-of-school literacy experiences and in-school preferences; 2) digital resources for content learning; and 3) considerations for the reading specialist.Socio-Cultural Perspective. Like other volumes in the Literacy Teaching Series, the perspective of this one is socio-cultural and constructivist. It recognizes that classroom teaching and learning are closely intertwined with surrounding school and community cultures as well as the culture and language of the subject being studied. Likewise, literacy is not simply a matter of reading and writing but involves using multiple literacies to negotiate and construct meaning.Practical Orientation. Although supporting theory and research are included in all chapters, instructional strategies with illustrative examples from practicing teachers are included in most chapters. Each chapter concludes with "Application Activities" and "From our Professional Library" references.


Contents: Preface. Knowing Today's Millennial Youth: Discovering Students' Literacies. Responses to Adolescent Learners: Literacy and Content Area Literacy--Past and Present. Literacy and the Teaching and Learning of Ideas. Analyzing, Selecting, and Planning to Use Print Resources. Digital Resources and Content Area Literacy. Possibilities for Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas. Content Area Literacy Assessment and Classroom Climate. Promising Principles and Practices for Adolescent Literacy Programs.
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