The Pittsburgh Steelers, Revised and Updated: The Official Team History

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September 2005



Combining more than 250 photographs with riveting tex, Mendelson highlights the players, coaches, games, and legends cherished by fans of the Men of Steel.


1 Acknowledgments 2 Foreword 3 Introduction 4
Chapter 1. Father and Son: Art and Dan Rooney 5
Chapter 2. "I Always Hated to Lose": The Early Years 6
Chapter 3. Driven to Succeed: Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher 7
Chapter 4. Not to Be Denied: A Man Named Joe 8
Chapter 5. Dawn of a New Era: The Steel Curtain, et al. 9
Chapter 6. Entering the 1990s: Renaissance II 10
Chapter 7. From the Terrible Towels to Blitzburgh: The Fans 11
Chapter 8. A New Millennium, A New Home: The Quest for a Championship 12 Records and Statistics


Abby Mendelson is an award-winning writer who covered the Steelers in the 1970s. In addition to writing countless magazine and newspaper articles, he has contributed to Pittsburgh: Fulfilling Its Destiny and Pittsburgh Characters. His book Pittsburgh: A Place in Time, about local neighborhoods, is now in a second edition. Aside from publishing two novels set in Pittsburgh, he has written the histories of Pressley Ridge Schools and Holy Family Institute, both Pittsburgh institutions. His wife and three children are all Pittsburgh natives.


."..you'll get more information, more enjoyment and more history than a DVD."--Ed Bouchette "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "
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