Humans-with-Media and the Reorganization of Mathematical Thinking

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This book offers a new conceptual framework for reflecting on the role of information and communication technology in mathematics education. Discussion focuses on how computers, writing and oral discourse transform education at an epistemological as well as a political level. Building on examples, research and theory, the authors propose that knowledge is not constructed solely by humans, but by collectives of humans and technologies of intelligence.


Why Another Book about Technology and Mathematics Education?.- Information Technology, Reorganization of Thinking and Humans-with-Media.- Modeling as a Pedagogical Approach: Resonance with New Media.- Experimental-with-Technology Approach: Resonance with Modeling and Multiple Representations.- Visualization, Mathematics Education and Computer Environments.- Modeling and Media in Action.- Experimentation, Visualization and Media in Action.- Mathematics and Mathematics Education On-Line.- Methodology: An Interface between Epistemology and Procedures.- Political Dimensions of Information and Communication Technology.


From the reviews: "This is a refreshing book in that it adopts a critical perspective on past and current practices in relation to technologies in mathematics education a ] . The book is very readable, with assertions supported by extensive, carefully documented data a ] . could be of benefit to researchers and research students. a ] The book is highly relevant and timely for the field of mathematics education. a ] should have a place in the libraries of researchers and mathematics educators at all levels, across cultural and social boundaries." (Gail E. FitzSimons, Educational Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 65, 2007)
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