Matthew 21-28: A Commentary

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Oktober 2005



In this third and final volume on the Gospel of Matthew, Ulrich Luz completes his masterful analysis. His commentary has become acclaimed for a combination of careful analysis of the text along with detailed tracking of the history of interpretation. This volume includes the Passion narrative, and in this important section, Luz describes the importance of Matthew's Passion for art history, music history, and literature. It also includes numerous small essays on key topics. This is the one "must have" commentary on Matthew.


Ulrich Luz was born in 1938 and studied under Hans Conzelmann, Edward Schweizer and Gerhard Ebling. He taught in Tokyo and Goettingen before becoming Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Among his many publications are Matthew in History (1994) and The Theology of the Gospel of Matthew. (1995)
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