The Goldfish Bowl: Married to the Prime Minister 1955-1997

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September 2004



When your husband becomes Prime Minister, and the doors of No. 10 close behind you, every aspect of life is suddenly changed. This was what Cherie Booth discovered. Intrigued, Cherie and social historian Cate Haste set out to explore the experience of previous political generations since the 1950s. Were they prepared for their role, or were they taken by surprise? How did they deal with life at No. 10? How intrusive was the press, and how has this changed over the years? Based on personal interviews, diaries, letters, and the accounts of surviving spouses, families, close friends, and colleagues, this illuminating book explores the pressures and rewards of daily life in the "goldfish bowl" of No. 10 and Chequers.


Cherie Booth, QC, is an eminent lawyer, married to the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair; Cate Haste is a writer and film-maker, whose previous books include the highly praised studies, Nazi Women, Rules of Desire (Vintage) and Keep the Home Fires Burning.


"Interesting...It is good to see attention being given to the bit players in our history. Fascinating stuff" Independent on Sunday "Many interesting anecdotes and sidelights emerge from the interviews...Laudably impartial" Times Literary Supplement "Absorbing. This interesting piece of social history is a generous gift to all the "invisible witnesses" who came before" Independent "Splendid, honest and engrossing" -- Antonia Fraser
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