Public Sector Economics: The Role of Government in the American Economy

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For courses in Public Finance, Public Economics, Public Sector Economics, and The Economics of Taxation.

Holcombe takes a "public choice" approach to public finance and looks at public policy as a product of the democratic decision-making process.


PART 1. Introduction 1. The Public Sector 2. Principles for Analyzing Government PART 2. Economic Efficiency 3. Property Rights and Economic Efficiency 4. Externalities 5. Public Goods 6. The Economic Role of the State PART 3. An Economic Analysis of Democracy 7. A Theory of Collective Action 8. Public Sector Demand 9. Supply and Demand in Political Markets PART 4. Taxation 10. Positive Principles of Taxation 11. Principles of Tax Policy 12. Taxes on Economic Transactions 13. The Taxation of Income 14. Personal Income Taxation in the United States 15. Taxes on Business Income and Wealth 16. The Tax System in the United States PART 5. Government Expenditure Programs 17. The Government Budgeting Process 18. Taxation and Redistribution 19. Government Redistribution Programs 20. Social Security 21. Education 22. Health Care 23. National Defense 24. The Federal System of Government
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