Transnational and Comparative Criminology

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April 2005



This work addresses the issues of crime and social control in the 21st century and is designed to provide a comprehensive account of key issues in comparative, cross-cultural and transnational criminology.


Comparative Criminology: Problems and Prospects; Cultural Relativism and Comparative Criminology; Sources of Comparative Crime data; Issues in Comparative Crime Statistics; Crime and Social Control in Saudi Arabia; Crime and Social Control in Israel; Crime and Social Control in China; Crime and Social Control in West Africa; Crime and Social Control in South East Asia; Crime and Social Control in South Africa; Crime and Social Control in the Baltic Republics; Transnational Organised Crime; Drug Trafficking; Crime Against the Environment; Human Smuggling and Immigration; Corporate Crime; White Collar Crime; Corruption; Human Rights and Crime Control; Comparing Police Cultures; Understanding Global Trends in Policing: Research Agenda and Methodology; The transnational police technocracy in the post 9-11 era; Conclusion; The Future of Transnational and Comparative Criminology


James Sheptycki is a lecturer in socio-legal studies at Durham University and is editor of the quarterly scholarly journal Policing and Society. Ali Wardak is a lecturer in criminology at the University of Glamorgan.

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