Legal Pluralism in Conflict: Coping with Cultural Diversity in Law

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September 2005



Legal Pluralism in Conflict offers a new theoretical perspective for conceptualizing and analyzing the relationship between ethnic minority laws and the official legal order.


1 Introduction: Legal Pluralism as a Tool for Ethnic Minority Studies; 2 Ethnic Minority Legal Studies: Towards a Jurisprudence of Difference; 3 The other Incoming Tide: The Diasporic Challenge to the British Constitutional Order; 4 Criminal (in)Justice in a Plural Society: South Asians and the English Law on Homicide; 5 Attitudes to Polygamy in English Law; 6 Bangladeshi Legal Pluralism and English Law; 7 Expert opinions on South Asian laws in immigration cases; 8 Who do we think we are? British nationality in the European context.


Prakash Shah is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary, University of London, having previously taught at SOAS, University of London and the University of Kent at Canterbury. His teaching and research interests centre on immigration, nationality and asylum law, ethnic minorities and the law, religion and law and comparative law with special reference to South Asians. He has published widely in these fields, including, most recently, The Challenge of Asylum to Legal Systems (Cavendish, 2005).

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