Biotechnology Demystified

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This self-teaching guide explains the basic concepts and fundamentals in all the major subtopics of biotechnology. The content advances logically from the basics of molecular and cellular biology to more complex topics such as DNA, reproductive cloning, experimental procedures, infectious diseases, immunology, the Human Genome Project, new drug discoveries, and genetic disorders..


<H4>INTRODUCTION<H3>Chapter 1: Biomolecules and Energy<H3>Chapter 2: Cell Structures and Cell Division<H3>Chapter 3: Information Methods of a Cell<H3>Chapter 4: Genetics<H3>Chapter 5: Immunology<H3>Chapter 6: Immunology and Other Bioengineering Applications<H3>Chapter 7: Recombinant Techniques and Deciphering DNA<H3>Chapter 8: Proteomics<H3>Chapter 9: Stem Cells<H3>Chapter 10: Medical Applications<H3>Chapter 11: Agricultural Applications<H3>Chapter 12: Industrial and Environmental Applications<H3>Chapter 13: The Future<H4>FINAL EXAM<H4>ANSWERS TO QUIZ AND EXAM QUESTIONS<H4>INDEX


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