Asset Price Bubbles: The Implications for Monetary, Regulatory, and International Policies

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Januar 2005



A study of asset price bubbles and the implications for preventing financial instability.


George G. Kaufman is John F. Smith, Jr. Professor of Economics and Finance at Loyola University in Chicago and a consultant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Michael Pomerleano is Lead Financial Specialist in the Financial Sector Development Department of the World Bank Group.


"How should policymakers react to asset price movements that cannot be explained by standard models? To answer this question, it is not enough to identify a bubble and understand its origins. One needs also to predict the impact of monetary policy on an event that is by its nature difficult to explain. While comprehensive answers are scarce, this wonderful and comprehensive collection of readings marks an important step forward, and will provide plenty of food for thought and debate." Richard Brealey, London Business School
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